Belly Dance

The Art of Belly Dance came to us from thousands of years ago preserving the energy and beauty of the old rituals devoted to femininity. The Egyptian style of Belly Dance is perceived as classical all over the world. It is characterised with particularly smooth and deep movements as well as attention to isolated movement of the parts of the body. The emotions expressed in the dance are particularly important.

Bringing you into the fascinating and inspiring world of belly dancing, Cairo Rose's belly dancing classes in London concentrate on dance stretching and body work, dance posture, classical and folklore Egyptian and Arabic styles including the understanding of basic rhythms. At the end of every class you will be able to perform a choreographed dance and improvise to your favourite tunes.

Belly Dance is also healing practice aimed at strengthening of musculoskeletal and reproductive systems. Active hip and belly movements open up the main vitality centre and prevent stagnation in small and large pelvis improving the circulation. Wave-type movements and shimmies bring relaxation, remove areas of tension which might be there due to incorrect posture, illnesses or stress. Deeply active energy of the dance stimulates and rejuvenates the whole body.

The magic dance will help you obtaining and preserving harmony, health, youth and beauty. If you are looking for belly dancing classes in London - look no further!

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Our classes are conveniently located in the exciting upmarket area of Canada Water, within 2 min. walk from tube station. You will easily find us at:

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