Beginners/Refreshers and Intermediate/Advanced Belly Dance Classes in London from 4 July 2024

Join our Beginners/Refreshers and Intermediate/Advanced 7 weeks courses starting 4 July 2024. The courses will cover belly dance technique, stretching and body work, dance posture and classical and folklore styles including the the basic rhythms, plus modern or classical Egyptian belly dance choreography. Detailed step-by-step explanation is given and improvisational skills training is a key feature.

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Summer Rose Garden Belly Dance Show, 10 August 2024 at 2pm

Welcome to 'Summer Rose Garden' hafla - students talent showcase of Cairo Rose belly dance studio at Crossrail Place Roof Garden in Canary Wharf, London. The event will start at 2pm on 10 August 2024 and last about 1,5 hours. We will present an outstanding home-style show of our students performing a wide range of repertoire – from modern Egyptian belly dance hits to traditional folklore gems. Enjoy the immense beauty of the tradition plus breath-taking improvisational challenge where dancers and audience come on stage to dance together. Everyone is welcome to attend, the event is FREE but you need to book your tickets here: https://space.org.uk/event/summer-rose-garden-2/#tabs-booking